Various Robots At War Robots Game

Various Robots At War Robots Game

Various Robots At War Robots Game


Few Light Robots:


The Gepard is available at Level 1 and to acquire this robot you need to spend 1,200 Gold. Currently in the game, it is the cheapest premium robot. Moreover, at base level, it is the fastest robot too as it begins with 44,000 hitpoints and has a speed of 58 km/h. Its rate of fire is good so you can use the Gepard for hit and run tactics.


The speed of the Schutze is high, so it can be used for some quick firing. Once equipped with Thunder, it can create havoc at close range. Its high speed can be lethal to heavy robots too. After reaching Level 3, you can purchase Schutze; the excellent farming robot for 150,000 Silver.


It is another light robot with good jump ability. In the game, it is the third fastest robot that provides excellent speed. It can be best used for dodging long range sniper fire and capturing beacons. As its health is low, it gets vulnerable to heavy weapons. So, you should use its amazing speed and agility to avoid contacts with other robots. You can buy the robot at Level 3 for 75,000 Silver.


You can unlock this light robot at Level 20. It has two light hardpoints and can be bought for 7,500 Workshop Points (WP can be easily acquired with our War Robots Hack). It has a special ability which is called as Stealth. Its Stealth mode can be activated in one second and it lasts for 8 seconds. After the 8 seconds of activation, it requires 16 seconds of cooldown time to get activated again. It has the base speed of 50 km/h and can efficiently capture beacons. The Stalker has a high HP so it can fight with medium robots easily.

Some Medium Robots:


The Rogatka is a heavy assault robot and it has the capability to mount two medium weapons at a time. It’s amazing speed, jump ability, and durability makes it one of the most versatile and powerful robots in the game. At Level 6, you can buy this robot for 2,500 Gold. As compared to other heavy robots, the Rogatka has low HP, so it becomes less useful in the higher stages of the game.


An upgrade to Destrier Robot; the Patton has twice its firepower and health. However, the mobility of this robot is less and it can be best used as a support or ambush role. You can equip it with Punishers or Aphids to make it an effective robot that provides suppressive fire. Moreover, if you equip it with Pinatas, then the GI Patton will become extremely effective in ambushing enemies.


It is a medium sized robot that has three medium hardpoints. It has an amazing ability, which can make it immobilize while creating a powerful energy shield. This mode is known as the Sentry mode that even lets it raise the turret for attacking, turning, and firing the weapons. The robot’s maximum speed is 40 km/h and health is 135,000. When in the Sentry mode, the Fujin takes 2 seconds to get activated and 2 seconds to get deactivated. It does not require a cooldown time.


It is a medium sized robot that has one heavy and one medium hardpoint. At Level 9, its maximum speed is 42 km/h and this provides the robot an advantage on the battlefield. Once you equip it with Orkan and Thunder, it can provide disastrous damage to the opponents quickly. Among all medium robots, the Boa has the highest health and this feature makes it last for a long time in the battlefield. To purchase the Boa, you will require 500,000 Silver.

Few Heavy Robots:


This robot has two heavy and two light hardpoints. At Level 6, its base speed is 27 km/h; thus, making it one of the slowest robot in the game. Due to its large size and slow speed, it gets difficult for the robot to take cover. The cost of Natasha is 1,700,000 Silver and the required Level is 18.


It is a heavy robot that has 2 medium and 2 large hardpoints. Griffin is one of the most recognizable robots in the game as there are very few robots that have the ability to jump. It can be purchased for 1,700,000 Silver and can travel at 32 km/h. Even though it is physically large, it can jump higher and further in comparison to other robots like Rogatka and Cossack. However, it requires a cool down time of 25 seconds.


This heavy robot has three heavy hardpoints. You will require 5,000 Gold for purchasing Fury, which makes it one of the most expensive robots of the game. However with our War Robots Cheats it’s not a problem! It can be best used for long range combat. So due once it is equipped with three fully upgraded sniper weapons, it can provide massive damage on other heavy robots. The only demerit of Fury is its slow speed, which makes it the second slowest robot in the game.


Leo is a heavy robot that has 3 light and one heavy hardpoints. Its base speed is 32 km/h and at Level 6 it can be purchased with 155,000 HP. As you reach Level 9, the Leo will reach its maximum speed of 35 km/h. It is a versatile robot as it has the ability to mount one heavy and three light weapons. The Leo is a battlefield threat for all as it can be used for any combat range.


A quadrupedal robot; Raijin has limited mobility, heavy armor, and two heavy weapon hardpoints. As a result the special ability of this robot is Bastion, which can provide protection as well as better view to fire its weapons. Even though it cannot move in this mode, it can still turn and shoot its enemies. Its maximum health is 250,000 HP that makes it the most durable robot in the game. As its speed is slow at base level, it’s better to equip it with sniping weapons and make it more effective.

Other than the above-mentioned robots there are some more bots available in the game. It is necessary to acquire complete knowledge about them, so that you can use them well in the War Robots game.


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