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War Robots Hack and Game Review: A Perfect Mech Game!

Previously known as Walking War Robots, the War Robots is a thrilling and exciting action-based game. It is a multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles against opponents from across the world in real time. Once you start playing the game you will surely have a great time as you will come across dozens of combat robots, innumerable amount of weapons and heated clan battles. So, are you ready to fight your way to glory and escort your team to victory?

Listed below are some vital aspects of the War Robots Hack and game itself that will help you to win the battles easily:

You can upgrade and purchase up to 16 different robots. Each of them has their unique skills, stats, and appearance.
There is a wide variety of weapons available in the game like plasma guns and ballistic missiles. You can make a unique combination of a robot and a weapon by carefully analyzing their skills.
Higher levels will let you unlock powerful robots that can be purchased from the game shop.
You can even purchase numerous weapons from the game shop to equip your robots.
By winning battles, you can earn experience points and Silver (Ag), which is the game currency. Experience points can help you to enhance the skills of your robot.
There are three types of currency in the game – Silver (Ag), Gold (Au) premium currency that easily can be generated with our War Robots Hack and Workshop Points (WP) among which Silver can be easily acquired.
Workshop Points (WP) can be procured after you reach Level 20.
To upgrade robots and items to a higher level, you need to use Silver which can also easily be filled with the help of our War Robots hack tool.
The first 3 victories in a day will enable you to earn 30,000 Silver. Moreover, Silver can even be purchased by spending Gold.
Earning Gold is not easy. You need Gold for unlocking hangar slots and purchasing powerful robots and resources.
Each time you reach a new level you will earn 50 Gold. Another way to earn Gold is by winning medals during battles. Gold can also be purchased by spending real world money or using these War Robots Cheats.
Ensure that you keep upgrading your robots so as to build an ultimate killing machine. For upgrading robots and weapons, you will require loads of Silver.
Some of the high-ranking robots and weapons are locked behind level caps. So, you need to win more battles for earning enough experience points to unlock the powerful content.
To use a specific weapon, press the individual guns or the big icon to fire everything at once.
About 6 beacons are scattered across the map. The captured ally beacons appear as blue lights, neutral beacons appear as white, and enemy controlled beacons are as red.
Once you capture a beacon and hold it for some time, it will change its color from red to white and then to blue.
Try to take lots of beacons from the enemies as it will help you to gain more points.
A helpful tip is to make use of manual targeting than the automated one as auto targeting works in weird ways.

All in all, War Robots is an interesting online game that can keep you captivated to your screens. Have fun gaming!

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